Substantial price reduction for overseas buyers

With the pound down in value by over 20% our overseas customers can now buy our commemorative sets cheaper than ever before

NEW Larger Bath and Lincoln Festivals 1969-70-71 Commemorative Set as advertised in The Observer

Until the 1st of november postage to the UK will be free of charge making a saving of £4.95
To see everything the set contains click here

New Prog Rock Set

Our new progressive rock set includes music and memorabilia from various festivals promoted by Freddy Bannister and covers the period from 1969-1979. It features Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Nice, Frank Zappa, The Tubes, Devo, Captain Beefheart, Colosseum and Todd Rundgren and includes 12 CDs 2 DVDs, 2 T shirts, 3 full size posters, 25 photographs plus various backstage passes, flyers and badges. All contained in a superb specially designed box.To see what it contains click here.

New All-Inclusive Bath, Lincoln and Knebworth Set

This set now contains, as well as 36 CDs and 5 DVDs, signed, numbered and dedicated posters from all the festivals, that would if purchased separately cost £219.95. To see everything the set contains click here


Truly amazing value with 8 CDs and 4 DVDs