New Knebworth "Total" set with 27 CDs and 6 DVDs.

We have just produced a huge comprehensive set, which as well as 27 CDs and 6 DVDs, includes reproductions of such rare items as a selection of backstage passes, including the complete set of Rolling Stones festival passes etc., recently discovered metal badges from the Stones,Genesis and Frank Zappa festivals, 3 festival T shirts, 75 photographs, 6 full sized posters, programmes, flyers, tickets  from every festival a 300 page book with 80 additional illustrations and the licencing officer's report from the 1976 festival which is both amusing and highly informative. If all these items were purchased separately they would cost well in excess of £200.To see exactly what the set contains click here

New Prog Rock Set only 8 sets left

Our new progressive rock set includes music and memorabilia from various festivals promoted by Freddy Bannister and covers the period from 1969-1979. It features Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Nice, Frank Zappa, The Tubes, Devo, Captain Beefheart, Colosseum and Todd Rundgren and includes 12 CDs 2 DVDs, 2 T shirts, 3 full size posters, 25 photographs plus various backstage passes, flyers and badges. All contained in a superb specially designed box.To see what it contains click here.

New Zappa - Beefheart Set

The new Zappa/Beefheart set comes with 20 CDs and 4 DVDs, including some exciting new finds. To see everything the set contains click here

New Byrds Commemorative Set

The Byrds set includes 6 newly discovered high quality recordings from our 1971 Byrds UK tour. Also just discovered the rare flyer from their 1965 Pavilion, Bath gig and the programme from the 1971 tour. To see everything the set contains click here.  


Truly amazing value with 8 CDs and 4 DVDs