40 Years of Knebworth commemorative set

The 1974 Knebworth set commemorates the very first Knebworth festival with the Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, Tim Buckley, The Mahavishnu Orchestra and The Alex Harvey Band. It was the festival that made Knebworth the legend it became. Now with 6 CDs and 2 DVDs, including a very rare recording of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
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Fabulous Rolling Stones Set

The Rolling Stones commemorative set now comes with 8 CDs and 4 DVDs including Lynyrd Skynrd's video performance of Freebird. To see what the set contains click here


Free Rare DVD

Any commemorative set purchased before 30th April will come with a free, rare  DVD of 100 photos of Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, plus an interview with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones by J.J. Jackson recorded on Sunday,12th August 1979 (the day after their last Knebworth appearance).

Bath and Lincoln Commemorative Set Special Offer - Only 10 left

The 1969-1970-1971 Bath and Lincoln commemorative set is produced in a limited edition of only 500 and until the 31st January is reduced from £64.95 to £54.95. Featuring what must be the best line ups ever pesented in the UK including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds, Johnny Winter, Santana, Jefferson Airplane - now with 7 CDs and 2 DVDs. To see what the set contains click here


Truly amazing value with 17CDs and 3 DVDs


Win a Stones 1976 Knebworth T-shirt!